Remembering Ann Sheridan

Putting the "oomph" back in "The Oomph Girl"

Ann Sheridan Sings

From: Take Me To Town - 1952

#1 Take Me To Town
#2 Oh, You Redhead

From: Thank Your Lucky Stars - 1943
#3 Love Isn't Born (with Joyce Reynolds)

From: Torrid Zone - 1940

#4 Mi Caballero

From: Nora Prentiss - 1946
#5 Would You Like A Souvenir?
#6 Who Cares What People Say?

From: It All Came True - 1940
#7 Gaucho Serenade
#8 Angel In Disguise (with Jeffrey Lynn)
#9 Turn-of-the-Century Medley

From: Juke Girl - 1942
#10 I Hates Love

From Naughty But Nice - 1938
#11 Corn Pickin' and Hooray For Spinach
#12 I Don't Believe In Signs

From: San Quentin - 1937
#13 How Could You?

From: Broadway Musketeers - 1938
#14 Who Says That This Isn't Love?
#15 Has It Ever Occurred To You?

From: Navy Blues - 1941
#16 In Waikiki
#17 Navy Blues (with Martha Raye)
#18 You're A Natural (with Herbert Anderson)

From Dodge City - 1939
#19 Medley: Marching Through Georgia/Little Brown Jug/I'se Gwine Back To Dixie

Note:  Thanks to Ray Hagen for gifting me a CD featuring the above songs.


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