Remembering Ann Sheridan

Putting the "oomph" back in "The Oomph Girl"

Ann Sheridan on the Radio

#1 Burns & Allen “Bill Goodwin Loves Ann Sheridan” (1943 – comedy) Bill Goodwin meets Ann and develops a crush on her that drives him insane. 30 minutes.

#2 Martin & Lewis (April 25th 1952 – comedy) – Ann makes a guest appearance with Martin & Lewis. 30 minutes

#3 Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel (October 13th, 1951) – Ann makes a brief guest appearance and talks about being a football-playing tomboy! 15 minutes.

#4 The Smiths of Hollywood “One Thousand Big Ones” (1947 – comedy) Ann is participating in a contest…Ann goes around Hollywood in disguise -- the first person who recognizes her will get $1,000. Uncle Cecil (Arthur Treacher) is sure he can find her! 30 minutes

#5 Screen Guild Theater (1939 – comedy) – Ann stars along with Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Fibber McGee & Molly and Nelson Eddy. When Douglas Fairbanks Jr. seems to be romantically interested in Molly, Fibber goes after Ann Sheridan. 30 minutes.

#6 The Jack Benny Program “From Mitchell Field” (1945 – comedy) – Jack broadcasts from Mitchell Field Air force Base. Ann guests. 30 minutes.

#7 The Jack Benny Program “The Cast Visits Jack at Warner Bros.” (1942 – comedy) – The cast visits Jack at Warner Bros. where he is making a picture with Ann Sheridan. 30 minutes.

#8 Screen Guild Theater “Love Is News” (1943 – comedy) – Ann stars opposite Jack Benny in this comedy of a reporter and an heiress. 30 minutes.

#9 The Eddie Cantor Show "Ann Sheridan" (1945 - comedy) - Ann's June 20th, 1945 appearance on Eddie's show.

#10 Command Performance, Episode 63, 04/24/43  - Ann Sheridan (Ann hosts and sings "As Time Goes By"), Bonnie Baker, Paul Whiteman, Gracie Allen, Jose Iturbi

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